Borrowing from friends at It’s Going Down, here are some guidelines (subject to change) for submitting content to DefendDnvr:

We read and review submitted content and ask that to respect our time and efforts you ask yourself if your submission gravitates toward affirming responses to the following:


  • Examples of contributions are communiques, editorials, first hand accounts, interviews, documentaries, essays, etc.
  • Please limit linking to or re-posting from corporate media; if a comrade / movement source is unavailable please provide some analysis.
  • Photo, Tweets, and Video are strongly encouraged!
  • Please spell and grammar check articles and be intentional with HTML formatting.
  • Please do not share anything that directly or indirectly incriminates individuals. We don’t want to know who did what.


  • Does the analysis come from an anti-authoritarian perspective?
  • Is the action self-organized in the spirit of free, uncontrollable expression and outside the hands of top-down groups?
  • Is the activity in conflict with an institution of power?
  • Was there any real risk in its performance or was the symbolism powerful enough to manifest a deeper resonance with liberatory struggle?
  • Does the piece place itself in a larger context or history of revolt or perhaps realize itself as pivotal in rebellion?
  • Was the action or analysis based in the Denver Metro Area or does it have a strong relationship to here?
  • Publications are accepted that include a PDF for free download and printing or articles from the pages inside. However, we do not accept ads for books and magazines.

Most of this can essentially be summed up with the questions:

  1. Is it conflictual?
  2. Do it generalize?


To submit content, hit us up at