Report Back from the Rojava Revolution!

Come celebrate May Day with a story from Syria you likely haven’t heard …

Anarchist author, Paul Z. Simons, will share reflections and inspirations from the scene. After the fall of the Syrian Government and in the midst of the current crisis, Kurdish organizations have been setting up regions free from domination by capitalism and state authority, attempting to put to rest feuds between different religious and ethnic groups, and challenging patriarchal domination over women and relating communally to the land.

Join the Denver Anarchist Black Cross for this exciting event!

Where: Whittier Community Center, 2900 Downing St, Unit 1

When: May 1st, 6:30pm


Dion Avila Murdered by DPD with 7 Shots into Windshield

Dion Avila Murdered by DPD With 7 Shots Into Windshield

UPDATE (4/13/16) – In a press conference (streamed over Periscope) earlier today Denver Police stated that they did not recover any weapon from Dion Avila’s body or from the car in which they shot & killed him.  Dion Avila was shot by an officer within roughly a minute of the police exiting their vehicles.  The officers involved in the incident were from DPD Metro/SWAT and were acting in coordination with federal agents to follow Dion Avila throughout the day leading up to the murder.  Commander Ron Saunier of the Major Crimes Division cited “noncompliance” with commands given to exit the vehicle, as well as an alleged “threatening type maneuver” as justification for the shooting.


The man who fired the seven shots was identified as Technician Jeff Motz (pictured), an 8-year veteran of the police department who has spent years in Denver’s infamously brutal SWAT unit.  Jeff Motz was one of several officers named in a lawsuit filed last year by a man who was shot in the back by Denver Police while laying face down on the ground.


Early in the afternoon of April 12, 2016, Denver Police working with several agencies as part of a “Safe Streets Task Force” shot and killed Dion Avila inside his parked car near the Denver Art Museum at the intersection of 14th & Bannock. Unicorn Riot reporters arrived shortly after the shooting.

During a press conference, Denver Police Chief Robert White claimed the man killed was a suspect in a robbery that had occurred some time prior to the day of the shooting, and that officers were attempting to serve a warrant. Chief White did not mention whether or not the man was armed, and eyewitnesses we spoke with on scene said they did not see any evidence of a weapon and that even if a weapon was present in the vehicle, it was not used. At 14th & Bannock we observed two black SUVs pinned against the vehicle.  It appears the parked car was pushed into the curb after being rammed by law enforcement vehicles and based on observing the scene for many hours we surmise that shots were fired as soon as officers exited their vehicles.  More evidence will likely emerge clarifying exactly what happened.

Dion Avila’s wife and young child were present at the time of the shooting, having just exited the car.

“I was coming here to pay a fine and we parked. I asked my husband if he wanted to come in and he said no he’ll wait in the car. Then I see a truck come up and hit my car and it startled me so I hugged my son and grabbed him,” Dion Avila’s wife told FOX31. “I’m telling them please don’t shoot, I’m not armed my husband’s not armed.”


For many hours the scene of the shooting was cordoned off with police tape and a tent blocked any view of the murder scene.


Witnesses reported hearing many shots, and as of yet there is no evidence suggesting any shots were fired by Dion Avila. After waiting for about four hours, we were able to get an unobstructed view of the vehicle when some of the police tape was finally pulled back.  We counted seven bullet holes in the windshield of the car, and the placement of the holes appear to suggest that they were fired at a downward angle, by a shooter directly in front of the car.  Members of the media and public who saw the bullet holes in the windshield expressed shock & disbelief.  One press photographer was heard to remark “this was murder.”

Denver Police have been involved in 3 shootings in 2016, all of which were fatal.

rest in power

Vigil for Dion Avila

Attempting to support families directly effected by police violence can be a weird thing. You are forming a relationship with new people in the throws of a horrible grief. On top of that, your major basis for any formation of that relationship is reaching out as a total stranger, no idea if you will even have anything in common or how they will receive a stranger’s feeble attempts at giving comfort and offering aid. Your reaching out into a situation that fundamentally has no comfort. There is no aid anyone can give, no words anyone can say, that will take the pain of losing a loved one so violently and so publicly. A community in grief then gets to hear their loved one’s name smeared and their character attacked in an attempt to render their death justified and legitimate. To assure the public they were kept safe from yet another criminal that needed to be put down.

With all this in mind, I approached the vigil with two friends around 8:15pm, just a little late. Its an all too familiar sight for us, living in a city in the throws of such sudden new urban development. Some call it gentrification, others call it the new colonialism. An indigenous friend of ours who grew up here recently coined the phrase “communicide”. Whatever the words, its undeniable to anyone paying attention that the police are the hard enforcers of this new colonial system.

A crowd of about 35 people were gathered at the spot that Dion Avila was shot and killed, unarmed, in his car, in front of his wife and child. The spot is covered in security cameras, right downtown between 13th and 14th on Bannock Street. No doubt we won’t be seeing that footage anytime soon. We were given candles to hold, as Dion’s family and close friends stood around his wife and a preacher at the center. Supporters stood on the outside, and as I scanned the crowd I caught the eye of many familiar faces. All with that familiar look we all give each other like, “How many times are we going to be here, just like this?” all knowing the answer is probably not something we want to think too much about. The preacher gave a prayer, and asked attendees to comfort the family. No one spoke, until one of Dion’s family members broke the silence. Looking to Dion’s wife:

“I’m sorry, I don’t want to take away from you tonight…”

He began to explain who he was, how he had been close with Dion and wanted to support his wife and child. Then his sorrow turned to rage, directed firmly at the police:

“They didn’t have to do it like this….”


“Fuck the police!”

The night came to a somber close, after someone pulled their car up to the crowd to play some of Dion’s favorite songs. People mingled quietly, meeting each other, hugging, and writing messages of love and rage on the sidewalk in chalk. I talked to a friend off to the side, someone who I had met after his brother was killed by DPD. We talked about the only people to show up, besides Dion’s friends and family, yet again are the usual suspects. People representing other families who had loved ones taken by the Denver Police, a few independent journalists, and a sizable crew of anarchists and anti authoritarians. No where to be found were the paid organizers, the non profits, or any of the politicians that only pay lipservice to the communities that are being gunned down in the streets of Denver nearly every day. My friend isn’t a partisan. He has no strong belief in any political ideology. He has no stake in talking shit on some perceived opposing faction of activists. No opinion or critique to be validated by someone else’s failure.

“Not enough cameras here I guess”

He shrugs and smirks, shaking his head.

Fuck. This. Shit.


– just another posturing, arm chair militant

DPD Take Another Life

Originally posted to DAM’s Facebook page:

Yet again the judge, jury and executioner tactics of the denver police devastate another family and community.


39 year old Dion Avila was murdered in front of his wife and young child Tuesday afternoon by denver police who were supposedly serving a warrant for the arrest of Dion. Now, even before the “official reports” are released to the public, a few points must be recognized in the execution patterns of the denver police. This murder scene, like others in Denver, share very disturbing similarities. First and maybe the most frightening fact about this case nearly mirrors the execution of Ryan Ronquillo where police made the conscious decision to ambush him in a heavily populated area. Both scenes had children close enough to be killed by police bullets and close enough to watch a loved one be murdered. The decision to apprehend Ryan at a heavily populated funeral came after police followed him around town for more a number of hours. Once again today while on scene I couldn’t help but notice the position of the police vehicles around Dion’s car, it looked very familiar. The dark windowed SUV’s were positioned around Dion’s car in what looked like an ambush. Later after getting home I find out that police had been following Dion around earlier in the day in hopes to serve a warrant on him. So this leads me to believe that police made the conscious decision once again, after following Dion around town for hours, to ambush him while children were present in the middle of downtown Denver. If police are going into a situation expecting violence, maybe the situation should be approached with a little more caution, planning, and willingness to protect all life. Are these types of deadly decisions being made by police becoming the standard of police work in this city?


The second scary similarity is that to the case of Joseph Valverde, who was subsequently executed the same day as Ryan Ronquillo. Joeseph was executed by police during an undercover operation where he was shot 3 times by police while surrendering. Joseph was left handcuffed with no medical attention for nearly ten minutes while police stood over him and watched him die. After being at the scene of Dion’s execution for nearly 5 hours no ambulance had shown up and no medical response action was taken. So did police make NO attempt to save Dion’s life? Police are trained to take life with out question or due process of law but not trained and not willing to save the life of those who find themselves in the court room of the denver police being sentenced to death with out ever hearing their rights.


It’s Heating Up: Coffee Not Cops Returns!

New Season, New Energy! Coffee Not Cops made its return for the warmer seasons, with free anarchist and ACAB literature, coffee, banners, chalk, and anti-police mixtapes. Keep an eye out on their facebook page and the Denver Action Network text loop for future Fuck 12 coffee dates with your favorite anarchists and bad kids!


Coffee Not Cops is a bi-weekly opportunity for local Denver folks to get together and build strong relationships of resistance to police terror and violence.

Direct Autonomous Media: Your Year in Review

We are a little late posting this, but we wanted to give a shout out to our friends in Direct Autonomous Media for hitting their first year in existence and fucking killing it. Here is their end of the year review from back in December:

The Triumphant Return of DefendDnvr

Hey friends,

This wordpress was originally created as a resource for folks attempting to resist the Colorado Chiefs of Police Conference over the summer, with a few other posts on state repression coming down from the DPD on comrades here in the Queen City area.

Since we don’t really like to re-invent the wheel (and secretly we are just pretty into the layout of this site) a few of us have decided to resurrect the blog as a place to go to for anarchist analysis, news, and general communications about the goings on in the Denver metro area, with occasional posts we find relevant and useful to anarchists and anti-authoritarians in so-called Colorado and beyond.

As things come together we hope to bring in more folks for this project, so please, if you’re active in the Queen City of the Front Range and you have contributions to make, please get in touch!

Until then, see you in the streets!

– some kids in black

Repression Coming Down in Denver 


Update: Angie & Cora have been released from custody today. The felony charges they are currently under investigation for are “criminal mischief,” and “destruction of property of another.” In Colorado when charged with a felony the DA has three days to investigate the charges further and file final charges. There is always a possibility of changes to the current charges. The potential penalties they face are 2 to 6 years in prison and $2,000 to $500,000 in fines. When future court dates are announced, you can find them here at Defend DNVR.

Over the last year there has been a strong resistance to police murder and terror across the city of Denver. This is only the most recent surge in resistance to police terror in our city, going back to the loss of Paul Childs in 2003 or more recently Marvin Booker in 2010.

Denver Police have been systematically targeting and arresting those actively involved in this organizing. Denver Community Defense Committee, a group which has organized extensive support for families of people murdered by police, has five of its seven members under prosecution or known to be under investigation by the Gang Unit of DPD. Prominent independent journalists, those with an expansive reach through social media, have been targeted and arrested while filming the police in Denver.

At a rally outside the statewide conference of Chiefs of Police on July 20th it was observed that DPD had a handbook with names, photos and details on local organizers or participants in demonstrations against the police. DPD has a history of this type of behavior with the “Denver Spy Files,” ( where local law enforcement had kept files on those involved in social movements for decades. While it was found to be illegal by a federal court to compile such files on community organizers and activists, and while DPD settled with the ACLU and promised to cease politcally motivated surveillance, it appears that they have picked up the practice once again.

Since Friday, August 7 at least three organizers in Denver have been visited at their residences by Denver Police officers. DPD has been asking for people by name and snooping around their homes. At least two activists have found out that police officers tried to enter their residences, without a warrant, while they were away from home. Others who have pending legal cases have had more charges added, many months later with no additional evidence, by the office of Mitch Morrissey, Denver District Attorney. It doesn’t seem to be a coincidence that after demonstrations were held in front of Morrisey’s home to protest his failure to indict killer cops, his office is maliciously adding false charges against police brutality protesters. There was also a petition to recall Morrisey as DA that garnered 20,000 signatures, a petition supported by the same protester community he is now targeting.

This morning two activists who have been targets of this harassment from DPD were taken into custody. A month ago they were detained while they were walking down the street and given a request to appear with a detective for an interview. They then were notified they were to be interviewed by the Gang Unit. Last Friday 8 officers came looking for them at a previous address. Today they chose to turn themselves in and are currently being held awaiting booking and the setting of bond. Please contribute to their bond fund at: Denver Anarchist Black Cross Bail Fund

Knowing your rights does not ensure that the police honor them. They do not care. They are legally allowed to lie to you, and will lie to you. However knowing your rights and methodically going through them might help you in your interacting with the police and might help you later if you end up having to go to court.

  • Anything you say will be held against you. Do not answer questions. Do not talk to the police.
  • If police come to your door, you do not have to let them into your house if they do not have a search warrant. You do not have to answer any questions. You can exercise your right to remain silent and to speak to an attorney. Videotape them from inside your home.
  • If you are stopped on the street ask if you are being detained. If the answer is no, ask if you are free to leave. If the answer is yes that you are free to leave, leave immediately. Get as far away as you can, call friends and comrades who you trust.
  • If the police are searching your belongings or home, say out loud “I do not consent to this search.” Keep repeating “I do not consent to a search without a warrant.” It will not stop them from searching necessarily but it may impact what is admissible in court.
  • If they do have a warrant ask to see it(they can show it through the screen or glass, or slide it under the door) verify that it has been signed by a judge. Make note of the items listed on the warrant of what they are allowed to search. If they attempt to search or take any additional items say out loud that you do not consent to items being searched that are not on the warrant.

Let’s keep our heads up and hearts strong. And remember always, Mitch Morrissey’s dog is an anarchist.

If you are an organizer or activist being harassed, detained or have officers come to your home let folks know at and people can be in touch as quickly as possible! 

Repression only makes us stronger! Haters make us love harder!