Manda a Trump a la Chingada! Send Trump to Hell!

We are asking everyone who opposes Donald Trump to assemble outside the convention center when he is scheduled to speak at the Western Conservative Summit.

We will be gathering near the big blue bear at 8am, shortly before Trump is scheduled to speak.

We will also be gathering there at 8pm, when the conference breaks, to give more good people a chance to demonstrate their opposition to Trump’s supporters’ reactionary politics.

Trump is not welcome in our town! Denver does not tolerate racism, sexism, Islamophobia, anti-immigrant hate, or any other part of the fascist trend that Trump is capitalizing on. We stand with queer communities grieving after the Orlando massacre. We stand with undocumented immigrants already facing deportation and marginalization. We stand with all those on the receiving end of police violence. We stand with Muslims being demonized by fear-mongering politicians and targeted by violent Trump supporters.

The threat is not only Donald Trump but all the racists, bigots, right-wingers, fundamentalists, and fascists who will gather at the Western Colorado Summit to hear his message.

We are not associated with the Clinton or Sanders campaign, or any campaign or party. We stand against Trump, Clinton, and the entire system that produced them both.


Schedule for the Western Conservative Summit: Friday, July 1st

8am – Registration, Exhibit Hall, Food Concession Open
10am – Morning Keynote Session in Mile High Ballroom (<<< when Donald Trump will be speaking)
12pm – Break
1:30pm – Workshop Series
3pm – Break
3:30pm – Workshop Series
5pm – Break
7pm – Evening Keynote Session in Mile High Ballroom
9:30pm – Break
10pm – Transform DJs concert in the Mile High Ballroom



Denver Anarchist Black Cross will be providing jail support. Donate to the bond fund here:

Join the Denver Action Network!

If you haven’t already, definitely jump on the Denver Action Network text loop! This is a user submitted, action alert text loop for the Denver metro area. Anyone can submit a radical, anti-capitalist, anti-authoritarian event to the loop, where moderators will make sure it isn’t spam or a cop/fascist troll, and your event will immediately be texted to a ever growing list of folks in the city!

Just text @denveractionnet to the number 23559. to submit an event or action, just text it to the loop!

Also follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

A note on security:

as with all things electronic, use common sense and good security culture when using this tool…since it is open to anyone joining it, there are definitely people who are not friends who get these texts. the moderators do their best to kick those folks off, but it isn’t air tight by any means. please use discretion.