Legal Update: Denver Anarchists Sign Pleas in Graffiti Case

After some new evidence and apparently constant phone calls from George Gray (of the DPD’S Gang Unit) to the ADA, two Denver-based anarchists have decided to accept a plea deal. The police allege that the majority, if not all, anti-police and anarchist graffiti found in a few mile radius can be traced back to just us two anarchists, once again making all of us seem more badass than we actually are. Its as if they believe the Alex Jones theory that we all receive paychecks from the Illuminati or some shit. If only we got paid to do this shit…

I plead to a class 1 misdemeanor destruction of property, with 12 months unsupervised probation, while my codefendant, having video evidence against them, received a class 6 felony criminal mischief with 18 months supervised probation. Both of us have to pay $2100 (joint and several) due by March 2017. A fundraiser to help us pay our restitution is forthcoming.

As always,
Smoke Cops, Not Weed


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