Join the Denver Action Network!

If you haven’t already, definitely jump on the Denver Action Network text loop! This is a user submitted, action alert text loop for the Denver metro area. Anyone can submit a radical, anti-capitalist, anti-authoritarian event to the loop, where moderators will make sure it isn’t spam or a cop/fascist troll, and your event will immediately be texted to a ever growing list of folks in the city!

Just text @denveractionnet to the number 23559. to submit an event or action, just text it to the loop!

Also follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

A note on security:

as with all things electronic, use common sense and good security culture when using this tool…since it is open to anyone joining it, there are definitely people who are not friends who get these texts. the moderators do their best to kick those folks off, but it isn’t air tight by any means. please use discretion.



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