DPD Take Another Life

Originally posted to DAM’s Facebook page:

Yet again the judge, jury and executioner tactics of the denver police devastate another family and community.


39 year old Dion Avila was murdered in front of his wife and young child Tuesday afternoon by denver police who were supposedly serving a warrant for the arrest of Dion. Now, even before the “official reports” are released to the public, a few points must be recognized in the execution patterns of the denver police. This murder scene, like others in Denver, share very disturbing similarities. First and maybe the most frightening fact about this case nearly mirrors the execution of Ryan Ronquillo where police made the conscious decision to ambush him in a heavily populated area. Both scenes had children close enough to be killed by police bullets and close enough to watch a loved one be murdered. The decision to apprehend Ryan at a heavily populated funeral came after police followed him around town for more a number of hours. Once again today while on scene I couldn’t help but notice the position of the police vehicles around Dion’s car, it looked very familiar. The dark windowed SUV’s were positioned around Dion’s car in what looked like an ambush. Later after getting home I find out that police had been following Dion around earlier in the day in hopes to serve a warrant on him. So this leads me to believe that police made the conscious decision once again, after following Dion around town for hours, to ambush him while children were present in the middle of downtown Denver. If police are going into a situation expecting violence, maybe the situation should be approached with a little more caution, planning, and willingness to protect all life. Are these types of deadly decisions being made by police becoming the standard of police work in this city?


The second scary similarity is that to the case of Joseph Valverde, who was subsequently executed the same day as Ryan Ronquillo. Joeseph was executed by police during an undercover operation where he was shot 3 times by police while surrendering. Joseph was left handcuffed with no medical attention for nearly ten minutes while police stood over him and watched him die. After being at the scene of Dion’s execution for nearly 5 hours no ambulance had shown up and no medical response action was taken. So did police make NO attempt to save Dion’s life? Police are trained to take life with out question or due process of law but not trained and not willing to save the life of those who find themselves in the court room of the denver police being sentenced to death with out ever hearing their rights.



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